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PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, 2016 1:23 pm

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UO is old game based on TCP protocol. It means, that it is very sensitive to network latency (ping) and packet loss. You cant be sure unless you have stable 20ms without any packet loss ever. Unfortunately this also means, that players with better latency can under some circumstances seem to run faster, or in case of packet loss/high ping on your side even seem to jumping or hitting you even if they are not in proper distance. Reason is simple, if some player hits you, this happens on the server first and this information must travel to your client. If you have 200ms ping and he has 20ms, he will be always in "future" and to you client it will seem like he is much faster or jumping.

There is absolutelly no way how to confirm speedhack as a player. So in case you have suspiction,contact GM and he has tools to measure speed of player and confirm suspiction.

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